ISO 20121:2012
Event Sustainability Management Systems

ISO 20121:2012 Event Sustainability Management Systems can help businesses and organisations achieve sustainability and foster innovation. BBC works together with you to develop sustainable event strategies, creative solutions to reduce environmental impacts, and help integrate sustainability principles into event planning and operations.

What is ISO 20121:2012?

ISO 20121:2012 is the standard that specifies the requirements for event sustainability management systems. The standard applies to any type of event and event-related activity. Organisations and businesses prioritise sustainability while organising events. Organisations and businesses can minimise their negative environmental and community impact. Hence, you could maximise your performance and energy efficiency to satisfy your stakeholders’ needs.

Who can use ISO 20121:2012?

ISO 20121:2012 applies to all businesses and organisations that want to establish, implement, and improve an event sustainability management system. Secondly, the organisations wishing to ensure the event activities conform to their sustainable development policy or ESG strategy can deploy ISO 20121:2012. 

ISO 20121:2012 Framework

Our Clients’ Success

State C has committed to sustainability and is working to make the state a destination for sustainable events. However, the state bureau found that the state event industry players lack sustainability knowledge and that there are no centralised resources or standard practises to help its 300 members organise sustainable events. With the ISO 20121:2012 standard, BBC helped the state develop a best practise guide for its members and future events by the state. The guidelines have developed a system for planning, organising, managing, and communicating a sustainable event. Today, the members initiate using the standard and aim to secure more than 1,000 international and local events annually for local economic development.

*BBC is obliged not to disclose the clients’ name due to confidential policy. 

Our Insights on ISO 20121:2012