Our People and Culture

At BBC, we unite the right passionate people to solve challenges and complexity, inspire meaningful change, and create positive and sustainable impact.

To achieve our mission of nurturing human consciousness, one person at a time, for a sustainable world, we uphold our values. We care for people and treat everyone as family. We empower our people and, as a result, provide value to our clients by investing in employee personal learning and development; employee well-being; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and safety and security.

Multinational and Diverse Talents
1 +
Sustainability consultants, engineers, scientists, data scientist, entrepreneurs and more.
Social Impact Integrated Projects
1 +
Social and environmental impact projects with our sustainable innovative solutions.
Multinational Family Partners
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Partners in Asia, Europe, the Middle East.

Meet Our Leaders

Bernard Eng

Founder and CEO

Our Values Shape Our Culture

The core of what makes BBC different in the market is sustaining a strong culture grounded in distinct values. Each employee is responsible for upholding our commitment to the highest levels of ethics, business behaviour, and corporate values.

Creating a culture of oneness where everyone is treated like part of our family
Acting with courage, challenging the norm, and finding the creative ways to grow
human beings
Delivering our very best as human beings and holding ourselves accountable for the results

Our Careers


Working at BBC entails participating in initiatives that require us to trust our intuition and thrive on acts of imagination in order to help address some of the world’s greatest environmental problems. It’s an opportunity to inspire our clients and one another in order to achieve extraordinary things with heart and mind.

Our Awards

BBC has received recognition from many external and independent organisations. We take great pride in getting recognition for both the quality of our work and the chances for personal development we provide our people.