Life Q Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant

Protect your crops and livestock from disease with Life Q, a next-generation ClO₂ disinfectant proven more effective than traditional methods. Life Q delivers comprehensive disinfection for various industries, especially the agriculture industry, ensuring its value across diverse applications.

What is Life Q?

Engineered in South Korea,  Life Q is a certified oxygen-based disinfectant that made using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) developed by Life Quality Solutions. Life Q comes in the form of tablets. Life Q tablets are economic efficient as 1 tablet is able to turn 2 – 4 Litres (0.5 – 1 gallon) of water into disinfectant. In the form of tablet, Life Q is more convenient and safer to be kept, stored and used than existing liquid germicides. Among oxygen-based toxic substances, chlorine dioxide is the most selective oxidant which means it only reacts to imperfect sulfuric acid compounds, secondary/tertiary amines, and a few other imperfect organic compounds that are sensitive to chemical reactions. Hence, Life Q can be used more effectively than ozone and chlorine when it is applied to more advanced organisms.

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How Life Q Helps Agriculture and Plantations

Life Quality Solutions aims to create a healthy environment where everyone in the world can live safely and cleanly through continuous research. The Life Q ClO2  disinfectant is a more advanced disinfectant than existing sterilisers produced by Life Q. Here are some examples of how Life Q ClO2  disinfectant is used in various areas in agriculture and plantations. 

Prevention of the spread of the foot and mouth disease virus in cattle sheds
Prevention of the spread of the Avian Influenza Virus
Increase in produce shelf life and the elimination of pesticides from produce
Disinfect and sterilise polluted liquid such as scum and waste water
Suppression of the growth of putrefactive bacteria and maintenance of freshness in fruit trees
Maintain agriculture produce shelf life and freshness

Benefits of Life Q

Economic efficient

40 Litres (10 gallons) of disinfectant can be made per box (20 tablets)


Storage and usage of Life Q is effortless

Extraordinary level of disinfection

A safe oxygen-based disinfectant made using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) with a high level of disinfectant capabilities

Elimination of biofilms

ClO2 eliminates biofilms and has strong biomass penetration abilities, which helps it to eliminate biofilms


Traces of ClO2 decompose quickly, leaving almost no traces of any toxic substances

Environmentally friendly

It does not produce carcinogens such as THMs, HAAs, HASs, etc. (unlike chlorine), or chloroamines, chlorophenol, etc.

Our Partnership with Life Q

Life Quality Solutions (Life Q) and BBC form a strategic partnership focused on developing cost-effective and eco-friendly disinfection and decarbonisation solutions. This collaboration leverages the power of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) technology to address critical disease and pollution challenges within the agricultural and plantation industries.

Life Q’s innovative effervescent oxygen-based disinfectant offers a powerful and sustainable approach to tackling pollution and contamination concerns, fostering a healthier environment for crops, livestock, and ultimately, consumers. This solution aims to create a healthier environment for the planet and people while also empowering businesses with new opportunities for sustainable income generation.

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