Tribe Assembly 2022 by Business Events Sarawak

Bernard Eng speaks at Tribe Assembly 2022 by Business Events Sarawak on the topic of “Transforming your business with a sustainability mindset.” sharing how ISO 20121:2012 can help Sarawak transform into a sustainable events destination.

Tribe Assembly 2022

The Impact

Following a successful 3rd Business Events Tribal Meet (TriBE Assembly) where Sarawak pledged to focus on the long-term positive effects and environmental responsibility of business events, Business Events Sarawak announced the release of a new sustainability starter kit. Inspired by the insightful and motivating speech by Bernard Eng, the initiative aims to empower businesses in Sarawak to commit to sustainable practices.

The TriBE Assembly, which aimed to secure 1,245 business events by 2030, underscored Sarawak’s government’s commitment to working with the business event sector. Together, they will create ethical and practical guidelines for a more sustainable and impactful future. The release of the sustainability starter kit signifies a concrete step towards achieving this goal.

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