ISO 14067:2018
Greenhouse Gases
Carbon Footprint of Products

BBC helps businesses reduce carbon emissions by providing knowledge and direction in applying ISO 14067:2018, a standard that focuses on estimating and reporting the carbon footprint of products. BBC assists in carrying out life cycle analyses, creating plans for reducing carbon footprints, and helping to prepare product carbon footprint reports.

What is ISO 14067:2018?

ISO 14067:2018 is the document that specifies principles, requirements and guidelines for the quantification and reporting of the carbon footprint of a product (CFP), in a manner consistent with International Standards on life cycle assessment (LCA) (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044).

The document only includes a single environmental category, which is climate change. The document does not include social and economic aspects or other environmental categories. 

Why is ISO 14067:2018?

ISO 14067:2018 helps calculate a product’s carbon footprint based on the product’s life cycle. The standard provides detailed GHG classification and requirements of a product life cycle. The analysis and information are valuable for companies to make responsible decisions for GHG emissions, reduction and removals.

Our ISO 14067:2018 Framework

Our Clients’ Success

The process of recycling plastic produces a large amount of GHG. Recycled plastic manufacturer B in Malaysia was having difficulty quantifying its carbon footprint of product (CFP) and proving the accountability of its CFP. Aside from the lack of a proper data collection system, the manufacturer was unsure about the scope of emissions and the life-cycle assessment. BBC used ISO 14067:2018 to facilitate the product lifecycle assessment, value chain mapping, and the data collection system design. The manufacturer was able to communicate with its clients and investors with the data and reports produced according to the principles of ISO 14067:2018 efficiently, which improved its credibility and accountability for its products.

Our Insights on ISO 14067:2018