ESG and Sustainability

Every business has a unique path towards a more sustainable future, but leaders are aware of the considerable value that sustainability and corporate responsibility can add. You can make long-lasting transformations by integrating ESG and sustainability strategies into your organisation.

We can assist you in fostering collaboration and collaborations across your value chain to address the most difficult sustainability issues through our pragmatist solutions and integrated expertise.

BBC specialises in integrating sustainability into every aspect of your strategy and operations, from energy and emissions to due diligence. We also have expertise in governance, sustainable events management, greenhouse gas reporting. With our assistance, you can turn aspirational sustainability objectives into practical solutions that are based on your core strategy and produce results. Pragmatism and vision go hand in hand, and we have the expertise to support your achievement.

Our ESG and Sustainability Service

BBC helps clients move faster towards an ESG journey and sustainability for a low-carbon future. We assist clients in discovering and leveraging climate innovation, integrating ESG and sustainability into their operations at scale, and capturing the impact and value they generate.

Practices ensure efficiency and quality for businesses and strategies set a clear direction and purpose for businesses. BBC’s effective practises and customised strategies help our clients create sustainable competitive advantages and achieve long-term success to achieve their ESG and sustainability goals. 


Integrating ESG initiatives in your portfolio strategy requires a mindset shift as investors prefer to generate both financial and non-financial rewards through more sustainable and socially responsible investing. We help you to achieve sustained return from a holistic ESG framework and strategies. 

ISO 20121:2012 helps you plan and execute events that minimise their environmental impact, support social responsibility, and improve economic sustainability. We help you by guiding you through the process of achieving ISO 20121 certification and verification. 

ISO 14064-1:2018 helps you measure, manage, and report your GHG emissions, enabling you to take action to reduce your environmental impact and meet stakeholder expectations. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of achieving ISO 14064-1:2018 certification and verification.  

ISO 14064-1:2018 Greenhouse Gases Verification at Organisation Level 

ISO 14067:2018 helps you measure and manage the carbon emissions of your products, services, and organisation, enabling you to take targeted action to reduce your environmental impact. Our team of experts can help you to achieve ISO 14067 certification and verification. 

Our Transformational Steps for ESG and Sustainability

Gaining clarity and performing practises can maintain consistency, efficiency, and quality in business operations, contributing to building a positive brand reputation for businesses. We help businesses and organisations implement best practises to optimise their processes and increase productivity. In addition, we help design strategies, implement practises, and get verification to avoid greenwashing. Businesses create a competitive edge with quality and keep up with industry standards and innovations.

Our Insights on ESG and Sustainability