Transform and Create Value through ESG

ESG are sets of Environmental (E), Social (S) and governance (G) standards for a company’s operations used as criteria for investors. ESG growth accelerates in these few years. ESG provides a glance at the company’s ability to create long-term and sustainable values to the environment to combat climate change and to the society. Bernard Business Consulting is a member of ESG Malaysia. We use ESG as one of the solutions to help organisations look into why and how to transform into sustainable and profitable businesses. 

What is ESG?

The key elements of ESG include Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G). Each element covers different themes,  There are no standards in producing ESG reporting. We provide guidelines for producing ESG reporting based on your needs. Some of the reporting standards we use for ESG reporting are GRI and FTSE4Good. 

Carbon Neutrality
GHG Measurement
Renewable Energy
Waste Management
Water Management

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Social Responsibility
Community Relations
Health and Safety
Labour Rights

Corporate Governance
Risk Management
Business Ethics
Bribery and Corruption

How can BBC Help

We embrace no-brainer solutions where we simplify complexity. We prioritise strategies and implementation other than providing advice and reporting solutions. We use our Three Transformational Steps to help you in achieving a high ESG rating. 

BBC's Three Transformational Steps™

How can you avoid greenwashing

Get Assurance Verification with Accredited Third Party

We help you to gain assurance by verification. We partner with leading organisations to help you in verifications for your ESG reporting, strategies and practices. We use Malaysia and International recognised standards to help you with ESG solutions. Verification is important to help you:

  • To meet legal requirements and industry expectations
  • To enhance sustainability strategy and mission
  • Gain credibility and competitive edge 
  • Communicate with the internal and external stakeholders and shareholders

BSI is an international recognised accredited reporting and standard verifier. Founded in 1901, BSI is the world’s most experienced standards body and founding member of ISO. BSI creates the world’s first sustainability standards, for example, carbon footprint standard PAS 2050 and carbon neutrality standard PAS 2060. 

Why Choose BBC?

We are a team of passionate practitioners implementing solutions for sustainability. We believe that the most productive way to combat climate change is through innovative and practical solutions. We provide services beyond advisory and consultancy. We provide operational and reliable solutions services to transform your businesses to be sustainable in the long term. 

Our ESG team comprises chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, certified standards consultants, IT Ex-pats, innovative entrepreneurs and others. We possess diverse knowledge and hands-on experience to create innovative solutions to help you in compliance with standards for ESG and help you to implement material solutions for sustainability and ESG.