Social Impact

Businesses have the power to be positive catalysts. BBC assists clients in transforming their core businesses to create sustainably positive economic, environmental, and societal impact.

We believe partnership and integration are the essential approaches to addressing today’s challenging social and environmental issues. We optimise our social impact by strengthening and broadening our alliances and establishing social impact as a key skill that is woven into business strategy and so produces measurable returns.

Our Social Impact Service

Climate Risk, Adaptation and Resilience 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Food System and Security 

BBC Social Impact Services drives significant projects across a wide range of global challenges. We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as our framework and align our work with the UNSDGs.

Besides, we partner with local and international organisations to harness collective expertise and build organisational capabilities in support of addressing some of the most critical global issues. 

Our Work in Social Impact

Shareholders and other stakeholders are placing greater emphasis on the need for businesses to act sustainably and socially in this era of swiftly accelerating change. Businesses can create a sustainable competitive advantage and sustainable profits by implementing strategic transformations for social impact.

We worked with the Agriculture Research Centre in Semongok, Sarawak, Malaysia, to help them solve the poverty problem among the farmers. The centre deployed our Greenhouse Solar Dryer to educate and provide the farmers with food drying solutions. The solution improved the farmers’ livelihoods by creating more sustainable alternative income sources. Besides, the solution solved the problem of food waste among the farmers.

Our Insights on Social Impact