Forest Bathing

Forest bathing reconnects us with nature. Evoking your natural state and your awareness to reflect on your relationships with yourself and with nature. Nurturing our mindfulness and sustainability mindset. 

Forest bathing is for everyone and the activity helps to health and improve mental wellbeing. BBC organise small group forest bathing session to help organisation to cultivate mindfulness and sustainability mindset among the staffs. We customise your experience with designed trail and activities within the session. The only prerequisite from you and your team is a desire to take it slowly, get in touch with nature, and live in the moment. 

What is Forest Bathing?

The phrase first appeared in Japanese in the 1980s to describe a physical and mental exercise known as shinrin-yoku. The initiative had two goals: to provide a green remedy for burnout brought on by the IT boom and to encourage people to rediscover and care for the nation’s forests. The term “forest bathing,” is similar to the term “sun bathing,” translates to mean taking a “bath” in the forest’s atmosphere by paying attention to your surroundings and taking in the forest atmosphere. 

Benefits of Forest Bathing

Reduce stress

Being in the forest or nature helps to reduce stress by reducing your stress hormone. The magical ability of the trees can lower our blood pressure and suppress our adrenaline.

Improve Concentration and Memory

We can be drawn into involuntary attention by the natural surroundings in strong ways. The practise of involuntary attention is effortless. We benefit from mental clarity, which improves memory and concentration.

Improve Awareness and Consciousness

We use our bodies as the vehicle for our experiential learning when engaging in forest bathing. Our spirituality and innate wisdom are awakened by the activity, which raises our awareness and consciousness.

Improve Creativity

According to research from the universities of Utah and Kansas, Our capacity for problem-solving and creativity is increased by time spent with nature.

Meet Your Facilitator

Besides playing the role of junior sustainability consultant at the BBC, Ruyi Teh is a forest bathing facilitator. She started to lead the forest bathing experience for her friends and the public after she experienced the powerful healing energy from forest bathing for her mental health and personal development.