CONA Solar

Dry anything with CONA Solar’s innovative solar technology. CONA is an award-winning solar drying solution provider based in Austria. With more than 35 years of experience in the field, CONA has produced more than 200 products to help their clients in over 50 countries.

Who is CONA Solar?

Our Founder and CEO, Bernard Eng visited CONA Solar's CEO, Clemens Hubmer in Austria

CONA Solar is a member of the BBC family with expertise in solar drying technology. Based in Austria, CONA Solar has won many awards in the solar energy and renewable energy sectors in Europe. BBC and CONA Solar come together with a mutual purpose, which is to solve clients’ problems. We help the small-scale farmers produce high-quality crops to earn more profit, the carpenter maintain high-quality wood, and the palm oil landowner turn their waste into gold.

Advantages of CONA Solar Technology

Efficient solar air collector

The unique absorber CONA air collector has a five-fold integrated heat exchanger. The sun energy is effectively transferred to the air.

Environmental Friendly

The CONA machine is 99.9% recyclable or biodegradable.

Long-lasting and durable materials

Made in Austria, CONA uses durable materials that ensure the long life of the solar drying plant.

Easy to assemble

CONA's design is simple and efficient. The models could be assembled in only a few hours.