Malaysia Considers Plastic Pollution Law: Can It Stop Us from Eating Microplastics?

On 6 June 2024, Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad stated that the ministry is mulling the introduction of dedicated legislation to address plastic disposal and pollution.

The ministry is in talks with the Economy Ministry to carry out a study on a national policy, discussing together with NGOs, academicians and consultants to learn from the experts. Nik Nazmi also emphasized that the policy would aim to phase out single-use plastics, increase recycling rates and better manage plastic waste.

Source: Malay Mail

Do you know that we are consuming and inhaling microplastics every day?

The plastic disposal and pollution has always been one of the major issues in Malaysia. There are studies found out that Malaysia being ranked the highest in consuming microplastics, consuming an average of 502.3mg of microplastics daily per capita, most consumption was from eating fish. Additionally, researchers also found out that Malaysians inhale the most microplastic particles, at an estimated 494,000 microplastic particles a day per capita.

Plastic is a waste that cannot be readily decomposed or biodegraded. It’s confusing that there are many plastic products labelled with terms like “oxo-biodegradable”, but some of it might only be oxidized and became microplastics instead of totally vanished. These microplastics will then blend into our environment and finally be consumed by humans and other animals.

Source: Bioplastics Magazine

A dedicated legislation on plastic disposal and pollution might be an effective way to tackle the issue. However, the public awareness should also be emphasized via the popularization of related knowledge. With the growing environmental consciousness, the issue can be addressed more effectively.

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