The 101 ESG Guide and the Future of ESG

ESG eBook Summary

ESG has become an influential framework for assessing the environmental and ethical performance of a firm. ESG factors must now be included in corporate plans if they are to be successful over the long term, as social expectations and the worldwide focus on responsible investment both grow.

This e-book aims is to provide readers a thorough introduction to ESG by examining its core ideas, real-world applications, and the potential it has to influence firms in all industries. This book will provide you with the knowledge and you need to successfully navigate the ESG environment, whether you are an experienced professional looking to deepen your grasp of ESG or a newbie hoping to acquire insights into this fast changing sector.


Download the free eBook to:

  • Learn and understand what is ESG 
  • Learn the challenges and opportunities of ESG
  • Recognise the importance of ESG for long-term growth and how it affects a company’s valuation
  • Know how to incorporate a comprehensive ESG approach into your business strategy and your sustainability goals.
  • Gain insights on what are the practical approach to initiate ESG

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