Demystifying ESG risks and opportunities for business sustainability with BBC Academy – ESG and Sustainability Workshop

Join us for our ESG and Sustainability workshop on Thursday Nov 23, 2023 at 13:00:00 to 17:00:00 MYT at WeWork, Equatorial Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 50250.

Table of Contents

The global investment and corporate sectors have recognised that companies that benefit society also excel in business. Once optional, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes are now required due to investor, consumer, and employee demands for good ESG impacts. Contributing to society and the environment is no longer an option but a requirement. ESG frameworks improve transparency, objectivity, and accountability—however, varied frameworks, various reporting standards, and the growing ESG landscape cause complexity and uncertainty.

This workshop thoroughly examines ESG and sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, and rising global trends like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), whether you are an experienced sustainability practitioner or new to the area. This workshop will help you understand ESG, navigate the confusing language of the ESG world, and lead your business in constructing a high-impact ESG programme.

Workshop details

Date: 23 November 2023, Thursday

Date: 1.00pm to 5.00pm, MYT

Location:WeWork, Equatorial Plaza, Kuala Lumpur 


RM 399/person

RM 1050 for a group of 3

Workshop Outlines

Module 1: The Evolvement of ESG and Sustainability

  • What is ESG and sustainability
  • CSR vs ESG
  • Driving forces of ESG and sustainability
  • Rationale for ESG and sustainability

Module 2: How to Effectively Communicate ESG and Sustainability

  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Demystifying ESG and sustainability reporting
  • Case studies – dos and don’ts of ESG and sustainability communication

Module 3: What’s next – the future of ESG and sustainability

  • The importance of due diligence and greenwashing
  • Focus on real impact
  • Carbon pricing – What do you need to know about CBAM

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Explain what is ESG and sustainability. 
  2. Describe the forces driving adoption of ESG and sustainability
  3. Recognise the good and bad practices in communicating ESG and sustainability
  4. Apply ESG and sustainability reporting practices in your organisation  
  5. Identify the key trends in ESG and sustainability

About the Trainers

Ng Jia Xin is our ESG and sustainability consultant and a HRDF-certified trainer. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia, and has years of practical working experience with publicly listed companies. Her expertise lies in global sustainability reporting frameworks and standards (i.e. GRI, SASB, TCFD and UNSDGs), securities exchange listing requirements on ESG (i.e. Bursa Malaysia), sustainability indices and ratings (i.e. S&P Global DJSI, Bloomberg GEI, CDP, FTSE4Good, EcoVadis, MSCI, Sustainalytics and SPOTT), materiality assessment, sustainability key performance indicators and targets, sustainability policy and procedure, and ESG training.

Bernard Eng is our Founder and CEO. He has over 15 years of experience in the sustainability field and has worked with NGOs, governments, international coalitions, start-ups, and MNCs in addition to his own business to create sustainable, innovative solutions. He is an International Coaching Federation (ICF)-certified entrepreneurship and life coach and an HRDF-certified trainer. He cultivates human consciousness and helps people transform on the inside to create massive results on the outside. He inspires change by walking the walk and serving as a role model for his team, clients, and those around him


"Good experience of critical thinking journey session & adequate sharing information on sustainability knowledge. kudos to the presenter/speaker!!"
Esmadi Mohd Sanusi
CFO at Intensive Energy Sdn. Bhd.
"This was a very insightful workshop with a wealth of experience and knowledge shared by our humble speakers. This was a great workshop for us to refresh our knowledge."
Aida Zainal
Health and Safety Consultant


Q: Who is this workshop designed for?

A: Our workshop is tailored for businesses, executives, employees, sustainability practitioners, sustainability practitioners, who are interested in enhancing their understanding of ESG and sustainability principles.

Q: What topics will be covered in the workshop?

A: The workshop will cover ESG fundamentals, sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement strategies, and share emerging ESG and sustainability global trends, including the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

Q: Is this workshop suitable for beginners in sustainability?

A: Absolutely. Whether you’re new to sustainability or an experienced practitioner, this workshop offers valuable insights for all levels of expertise.

Q: What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

A: Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of ESG concepts, learn practical strategies for implementation, and stay updated on the latest global sustainability trends, equipping them to drive positive change within their organisations.

Q: Will there be hands-on activities or interactive sessions?

A: Yes, the workshop includes interactive sessions, case studies, and group activities to enhance engagement and facilitate active learning.

Q: How long is the workshop, and what is the schedule?

A: The workshop duration is 4 hours. Please check the event details or contact us for specific information on the workshop you are interested in attending.

Q: Will there be opportunities for networking with industry professionals?

A: Yes, our workshops often include networking sessions, allowing participants to connect with fellow attendees and industry experts, fostering valuable professional relationships.

Q: Is there a certificate of completion provided after the workshop?

A: Yes, upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation and the topics covered during the workshop.

Q: Is this workshop HRDC claimable? 

A: Yes, this workshop is 100% HRDC claimable. We will provide you with relevant documents for claiming purpose upon your registration. 


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