My Career Transformation in ESG and Sustainability with BBC

About Jia Xin Ng

Jia Xin is our ESG and sustainability Consultant based in the Kuala Lumpur office. Jia Xin developed her passion for sustainability through watching documentaries and news about natural disasters, environmental pollution and global hunger issues and volunteering with NGOs. We talked to Jia Xin about her 180-degree transformation in herself and her career at BBC.

From Being Influenced to An Influencer

I have wanted to have a career related to environmental or social causes since I was young. I can still clearly remember during one of the humanitarian classes with the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation when the teacher asked us to write down our ambitions, and I wrote that I wanted to work in the environmental field to save the earth. The teacher saw my submission and gently told me to make the planet a clean home for humans to live in, we must purify the hearts of humans first. I guess that’s where I grew my interest in education and teaching, but little did I realise it until today when I am writing this article. 

After graduating from university, I started my career as a Management Associate in Manufacturing at a glove manufacturing company. I later moved to the Sustainability Department, gaining insight into corporate sustainability and its impact on management decisions. Working at the ground level, I witnessed how sustainability strategies affect daily operations and well-being. In a subsequent role at a consulting firm, I became disheartened when companies showed minimal interest in genuine sustainability efforts. 

I was in confusion and slowly losing myself. BBC’s founder and CEO, Bernard Eng, came to the rescue. He saw my desire to change but could not find the right way. Under Bernard’s coaching, I learned to focus inwards and see the clarity – what is my goal, what I care about, what are my weaknesses and strengths. I learned that the only controllable variable in our life is ourselves. Change is only possible with consistent self-improvement. 

In 2023, I quit my 9 to 5 job and started my new career with BBC. Working with BBC, I regain hope with the little daily improvements I make. Practicing an entrepreneurial mindset helps me regain my creativity and freedom to decide on what values I want to hold in delivering my services to clients. Do good and be sincere.

Learning the Power of Taking Actions

For the past ten years, my life has been steered by the phrase, “Knowledge is power”. I studied hard to be the bright student my parents would be proud of. I was doing too little to validate the knowledge I received. I was addicted to attending all the webinars and events, believing I would improve with the knowledge I gained. But little did I know, I am trapped in the vicious cycle of see – think – think – never do. The more information I receive, the more confused I have become.

I fear failure and worry too much about what others think of me. Fear of taking action because things may go wrong, and I could not bear being imperfect. But I have nothing to lose. What am I afraid of?

Only by doing and culminating experience, then, I can connect the dots looking backwards. I learned there is no need to worry about the future and regret the past. It’s the present that matters the most. Trust my gut feeling and do it! It’s not as scary as I think. Now, I am learning to shift my focus from the possible negative outcome to the opposite, the bright side.


Working with BBC, I have learned that self-awareness and self-acceptance are ways to improve ourselves. Observe the habits, understand the pattern, and change how we do things to unleash our potential. I used to be timid, unconfident and having a lot of self-doubt. Under the BBC family culture, I receive the support I need to break through and leave my comfort zone. 

I would never imagine myself doing what I do today – becoming a YouTuber to teach and build my consulting career. But I made it, and I am enjoying the process!

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