ESG and Sustainability Consultant

Job Description 

With the goal of promoting a decarbonised and more sustainable future, the ESG & Sustainability (E&S) practice at BBC works with clients to accelerate the conversion of commitments into practical actions. It is our mission to drive business transformations that create sustainable and innovative competitive edge. 

Aligned with our commitment to preserving the environment and assisting clients in attaining a sustainable competitive advantage, BBC is deepening its focus. Under the umbrella of E&S, we unite a team of specialists proficient in diverse sustainability domains. These encompass circular economy, decarbonisation, sustainable agriculture, water management, and other crucial ESG subjects. Our proficiency encompasses a wide range of industries, enabling us to offer comprehensive assistance to clients globally.

You’ll value add:

As an ESG & Sustainability Consultant at BBC, you will have a pivotal responsibility in supporting our sustainability practice and framework. Works with clients across a wide range of capabilities, including ISO standards, ESG strategies, GHG protocol, sustainability training, and, most importantly, sustainability solutions. You will guide them towards adopting sustainable business practices to help them to create sustainable competitive advantage. 

You will primarily work as an integral member of the BBC E&S team, which consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds collaborating closely and establishing long-term relationships with our clients. In addition to that, you will allocate time to enhance and expand BBC’s expertise in E&S while providing support for business development endeavors. Your main focus will revolve around executing E&S projects and leading project teams comprising members with various backgrounds. 

  • Conduct comprehensive ESG assessments and gap analyses for clients, evaluating their performance against established frameworks.
  • Advise clients on ESG strategy development, helping them define goals, establish KPIs, and develop actionable plans.
  • Collaborate with clients to implement ESG initiatives for improved environmental footprint, social responsibility, and governance.
  • Assist clients in reporting ESG performance, including sustainability reports and disclosures to regulatory bodies.
  • Stay updated on ESG trends, best practices, and emerging regulations, sharing insights with clients for continuous improvement.
  • Conduct ESG training and workshops to the clients.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver integrated ESG and sustainability solutions.
  • Develop strong client relationships as a trusted advisor, fostering long-term partnerships for positive change.
You have: 
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental, sustainability, energy, science, or related fields but does not limit other disciplines.
  • Strong interest and patience in educating clients on ESG and sustainability.
  • We need to work around the clock, beyond 8 a.m.–5 p.m., because our clients are from different time zones and on weekends too.
  • Our job requires intensive travel. We might receive a request, and in a few days, you will be out of the state or country, sometimes for weeks.
  • Work on many roles because we are not a big company with a proper operating system yet.
  • We care about your personal success, so most of the time, we just voice our feelings if you do something wrong.
  • We are very family-oriented. Most of the time, we mix up our professional life with our personal life, like when our real family members often have meals together and know each other well.
  • Our company’s coaching culture is painful for many because coaching is not mentoring, as you perceived. Coaching often challenges your existing thought process and puts you in an uncomfortable zone to reflect.
  • Our creativity in solving environmental problems is our key strength for client choice. We wear the entrepreneur hat and fly like free birds with our ideas. Most of all, we walk the talk. We create the solution, whether DIY or manufactured and our mission is accomplished until we get it.
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