Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmer

Job Description and Summary 

The tide of artificial intelligence is rising, and it’s our turn to steer the course. AI can potentially revolutionise every aspect of our lives, whether positively or negatively. At Bernard Business Consulting (BBC), we believe that, with good intentions, AI will be the catalyst for positive change. This is where you come in, AI Programmer. This is your chance to be more than just a coder; you’ll be a sustainability architect, an environmental champion, and a social innovator.

In this dynamic position, you’ll be a key player in shaping our company’s future through AI. You’ll design, develop, and implement cutting-edge AI solutions that solve real-world problems and drive innovation. Join our talented team and participate in a collaborative, caring, spiritually and intellectually stimulating environment where your ideas can make a difference.


You’ll value add:
  • Analyse complex environmental datasets and develop machine learning models to aid in improving the company’s productivity and solving clients’ problems.
  • Collaborate with engineers and sustainability specialists to integrate your AI solutions into existing infrastructure and data systems, ensuring efficient and effective implementation.
  • Continuously monitor and analyse AI models, fine-tuning and improving their accuracy, efficiency, and environmental impact.
  • Explore cutting-edge advancements in AI and sustainability, participate in research projects, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.


You have: 
  • Bachelor in computer science preferred
  • Experienced with Python preferred. 
  • Have working experience in machine learning and data analysis.
  • Knowledge of sustainability challenges is highly desirable.
  • We need to work around the clock, beyond 8 a.m.–5 p.m., because our clients are from different time zones and on weekends too.
  • Work on many roles because we are not a big company with a proper operating system yet.
  • We care about your personal success, so most of the time, we just voice our feelings if you do something wrong.
  • We are very family-oriented. Most of the time, we mix up our professional life with our personal life, like when our real family members often have meals together and know each other well.
  • Our company’s coaching culture is painful for many because coaching is not mentoring, as you perceived. Coaching often challenges your existing thought process and puts you in an uncomfortable zone to reflect.
  • Our creativity in real-world problems is our key strength for client choice. We wear the entrepreneur hat and fly like free birds with our ideas. Most of all, we walk the talk. We create the solution, whether DIY or manufactured and our mission is accomplished until we get it.
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