Business and Organisational Purpose

A clearly defined purpose can guide the decisions, actions, and strategies of a company, leading to long-term success by aligning the organisation with its core values. BBC harnesses the power of corporate purpose to enhance productivity and profit for clients.

Establishing your company’s purpose is not a writing exercise. The organisational mission cannot be created by senior leaders in a meeting or acquired from an organisation.

At BBC, we assist businesses like yours in identifying their authentic business purpose and  we help you to implement and integrate that purpose across your firm.

Why is Business Purpose important?

Your company’s purpose will not change, even if your mission and vision might. Your company’s mission is timeless. Beyond what it does, produces, or sells, a company’s purpose is what gives it meaning.


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BBC Purpose Framework

Our Business and Organisational Purpose service

Our approach

Many of our clients seek to establish their business purpose to acquire clarity, alignment, and meaning at a critical moment in their development. Some people are dealing with extensive corporate restructuring. Others are undergoing or are facing leadership transitions. Also, there are some clients are at a turning point in the course of their company and are looking to accelerate or turn things around.

We look beyond what your current problems to assist you in discovering the purpose of your business. We discover human insights that go deep into the core of what you contribute to the world. We also widen the aperture so you can see your business and your potential much more clearly.

Purpose must be integrated into every aspect of the organisation, including people, culture, strategy, operations, branding, and communications. Your business won’t fully understand the impact on performance unless you integrate purpose across the board.

Our Insights on Business and Organisational Purpose