5 Real Tips How Meditation Transform My Business

I met meditation in the year 2015, I register without doubt and I still remember the first-class experience, it was possibly the toughest class I ever attended in my life. Why tough? Because it was so boring, imagine a 10 days meditation class from 4am to 9pm every day. I do not know what particular interest strikes me to learn meditation techniques, but from then onwards, my life changed. Now, I observed that I am no longer a hot-tempered, very focus-oriented, resilience, open-minded, healthier diet and compassionate person. If you are an entrepreneur like myself and would like to learn how meditation could transform your business too, here are my 5 tips for you:

  1. Change starts with you. Be the role model and let the law of attraction flow into you. In order for you to gain better wisdom of life, go attend at least one 10 day meditation class, it is free of charge, based on donation, what you need to sacrifice is your time. Once you experience the meditation technique, you will start implementing what you learned into your personal and business life. Later, your family and team members will start telling you, boss, you have changed! Actually, I like who you are now then last time, haha!
  2. Observe breathing exercise for 5 minutes before meeting starts. From my experience, I observed less agitation in the meeting, most team members focus more on the presence instead of dwelling into the problem, we talked more on solving the problem. Breathing is the most fundamental technique to create better self-awareness. By practicing this, the meeting environment will be more relaxed compared to being stressful.
  3. Weekly group meditation in the office. Most of our time mainly spent on work and family life, and we seldom have time for ourselves. This weekly group meditation will give an opportunity to ourselves by meditating together. What you need is to find a secured and quiet room that could host interested team members. There is guided meditation being taught can be found in the Vipassana database, what you need is to play the audio. This group meditation could also act as a introductory exercise for the new team member to experience meditation.
  4. Nature walk or forest bathing or grounding is probably one of the best way to practice meditation. Connecting back with forest is not just beneficial to oneselves, it also could create better interpersonal relationships. You could practice slow walking, observe every body sensation quietly, bare foot grounding on the soil, listen to the sound of forest, and take a cold shower in the river. Throughout my experience, I observe kindness and compassionate among colleagues, the team member has increase understanding with each other and start to have small talk among themselves. I call this employee engagement.
  5. Automatic free 10 days Vipassana meditation retreat, so we have an annual mind detoxification process to let our mind and body feel equanimity and remain balanced in life. One of the biggest observation I felt from team member who just came back from the retreat is their acceptance on change – sometimes colleagues wanted to do something that you felt uncomfortable to collaborate with, they are more open minded to let them try it, so they could build the self-esteem in doing work. This catalyse an empowering working culture.

My name is Bernard Eng, I am an entrepreneur and owned a business sustainability consulting firm, we create sustainable innovative solution for our client. As the founder and CEO of the company, I am doing my best to ensure my company walk the talk, so I leave an example or role model for future younger team members. I hope you are inspired, let’s keep in touch via LinkedIn.


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