Innovation Strategy and Technology

To leverage new ideas, an innovation strategy compatible with business priorities and adaptable enough to change with the market is necessary. The innovation consulting professionals and engineers at BBC work with clients to create an innovation strategy and technology that can be impactful now and in the future.

Innovation can create competitive advantages, but it is difficult. Not many businesses believe they are competent at it. And the difficulty just increases. Even the most talented inventors must constantly learn new skills and create research and development methodologies that are more rapid and agile.

Our Innovation Service

Our Innovative Products

Greenhouse Solar Dryer is BBC’s effective drying technology that insulating natural solar heat in the glass greenhouse, helping small drying methods transform into large-scale drying in a safe, nutritious, and hygienic manner.

CONA Solar, with its origins in Austria, produces advanced solar technology. The technology uses solar and thermal heat to make drying more efficient and compatible.

Glasito is the BBC’s eco-window solution that provides you with an affordable and energy-efficient solution for your building.

Our Approach to Lead You to Your Innovation Journey

BBC’s strategy for consulting on innovation is based on a strategy-led, action-biased, agile approach. This approach applies to all domains, including business-to-business and consumer product innovation, as well as product, service, and business model innovation. BBC’s innovation journey takes a holistic approach and works closely with clients to strengthen their innovation system and spur creativity. 

BBC Innovation framework

Innovation Strategy

To establish an innovation strategy that best complements the business goal, it is important to understand the major trends influencing consumer demand and economics outside and inside the client’s system. This will help identify the most promising areas for investing in innovation and help the innovation system take off.

Innovation Iteration

The most important details are that a strong innovation strategy is essential. In a world where product and business model life cycles are getting shorter, value creation requires swift and decisive action. To create and release minimal viable products that are aligned with the strategy, we collaborate with customers using a sprint iteration model. This experiment and learn process involves developing new ideas and eliminating the less successful ones to free up resources for new ventures.

Business Model Creation and Scaling 

The ability to quickly scale the most promising ideas and identify product-market fit are both necessary for maximising the return on innovation efforts. To assist clients in moving from experimental to actual implementation of a new good, service, or business model, we work directly and closely with them.

Innovation Capabilities Support

Sustainability in innovation increasingly relies on one’s ability to constantly develop new innovation muscles—or to acquire new abilities and skills from outside. We assist firms in determining the essential capabilities they require and the most effective way to acquire them, be it through technology innovation, partnerships, or internal growth.

Our Clients’ Success

We helped a seafood manufacturer enter the tourism market by using the design thinking method with the executives on their innovation strategy and our innovative product, the Greenhouse Solar Dryer. Improving its revenue in the first three years by entering into a new market and save its operating cost by 50% with the use of renewable energy in the plant. 

Our Insights on Innovation Strategy and Technology