Business Coaching

Work with a business coach to transform your company into a sustainable and profitable business. The first step towards geometric growth for your company and a happier, more productive staff is working with a skilled business coach.

A solid strategy and a well-thought-out execution plan are no longer sufficient for success. Leaders must learn, anticipate, and adapt in order to think and act effectively. Leaders of this modern day must be generative, capable of reviving their passion and boosting the value they provide to their teams, clients, partners, investors, communities, and themselves.

That’s where BBC business coaching comes in to transform the situation. We support CEOs, senior executives, and leadership teams as they create transformative change and provide the foundation for sustainable impact and value creation. We collaborate closely with organisations’ change initiatives, and our experiential and pragmatic approach helps the leaders achieve their expected outcomes productively.

Every coaching relationship is a sincere collaboration between the leader and the coach, one that offers a secure, private, and intense degree of support at precisely the right time. Partnering with Bernard Eng, you’ll get 1 to 1 meetings every 10-14 days and guidance along your coaching journey. You will establish specific objectives and create action plans to achieve them, overcome limiting beliefs that are impeding you, and find possibilities and strategies for generating exponential company growth throughout these meetings.

Who is Business Coaching for?

Regardless of whether your organisation is just getting started and needs assistance moving in the correct direction or your brand is well-established but has reached a plateau, with one-on-one coaching from Bernard Eng, you can develop a strategy for extraordinary growth and success. You will get a personalised 1:1 assistance to drive you towards achieving your greatest objectives and attending to the unique demands of your business. You’ll achieve magnificent success as you receive coaching, and giving business coaching to every executive team member can lead to explosive, exponential growth.

The Benefits of Business Coaching

Become a more effective leader

Effective leadership is essential for any business to thrive. A capable business coach sets a good example by exemplifying positive leadership qualities and assisting you in developing your own leadership abilities. Build a roadmap for success and become a master of execution in any setting with Bernard Eng's MASTER CLARITY FRAMEWORK. With the framework,  you’ll become the leader your company needs you to be.

Increase revenue

One of the main reasons business owners or entrepreneurs use business coaching services is to increase revenue. To significantly increase your bottom line, learn how to optimise your company's four important areas: costs, customer experience, culture, and market conditions.

Thrive with uncertainties

Leaders must constantly be prepared for the inevitable fluctuations of economic and market conditions. Business coaching could help you to thrive in hard times. An experienced business coach will empower you to develop strategies for overcoming any hurdle you encounter.

Recruit and retain quality talent

You need a team to thrive for business's success. Yet, recruiting top talent is a struggle for many business owners. Engaging with a business coach gives you the objective viewpoint you need to expand your team with A-players that are the ideal match. Professional business coaching services assist you discover how to develop a growth culture, foster employee leadership and retain your high-performers.

Meet Your Coach!

Our founder and CEO, Bernard Eng, is an ICF certified coach. He helps business owner, entrepreneurs and working professionals gain clarity and create personalised, sustainable business plans with MASTER CLARITY FRAMEWORK. He inspires change by walking the walk and serving as a role model for his team, clients, and those around him.


“I am very happy that I have a chance to talk with Bernard. He is very professional. Not only this, he is friendly, open-minded and real to you. He is ready to help you either in entrepreneurship or green business which may help you to get clear for your goal. I personally start from 0, now I have my own business. Highly recommend!”
Loon Kuan Yuan
Sales Funnel Coach
First started my coaching session back in month of April 2022, as a business owner where most of the time we are busy with our business and we do not really have the window to express ourselves. Be it rain or sunshine ,we work and most of the time 8 days a week. That is the challenging part and yet is a continue never ending cycle. Being with Bernard , always give me a good picture of what is really happening and how i can change it using my own power and determination.
Chan Onn Eric Koh
Director of Sales and Development at Myfilter Distribution

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