Building Team Sustainability (BTS)

Build a pro-sustainability team with our Building Team Sustainability (BTS) program. The program helps you to develop cohesive team with sustainability mindset. Restoring the planet’s health with fun-filled baby steps TOGETHER. 

What is Building Team Sustainability (BTS) ?

Building Team Sustainability (or BTS for short)  is a pro-sustainability team building program designed to sensitised participants to nurture our one and only planet back to health with thoughtfully planned baby steps. The baby-steps activities span 6 different planet-nurturing options and rides on 3 pillars: espirit de corps, empathy and problem solving.

Why Choose BTS for Team Building?

BTS’s objective is to entertain, inspire and develop espirit de corps through indoor and outdoor experiences that create positive impact on people and the environment. We’ve decided to focus our energy, expertise and empathy to design programs that harness sustainability consciousness and responsibility amongst participating team members. Our solutions help to foster team cohesion and accelerate changes to solve critical eco-related problems. We believe team harmony feeds a virtuous circle that leads to a greater camaraderie, fulfilment and growth.

BTS’s Mission

Employees proactively take baby steps to supports the organisation’s internal green initiatives.

BTS’s Vision

A revitalised planet Earth, grateful to the baby steps taken by every person on it.

Meet Your Trainer

Coach Murphy is a passionate life-long learner, explorer, practitioner and entrepreneur with over 18 years experience in leadership talent development. He is also a certified NLP practitioner. His expertise lies in the areas of accelerated leadership growth and development through experiential, gamified, and peak performance learning and coaching activities.